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Tran Climatisation: your turnkey solution for any industrial & commercial installation

Tran Climatisation is one of the leaders in the installation of industrial and commercial heating pumps and air conditioning systems in Montreal and on Montreal’s South Shore. Do your employees suffer from heat during the summer months? Do you want to improve your heating system with a commercial heat pump? Regardless of what your needs are, our heat pump and commercial air conditioning installation specialists are here to help you!

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What are the steps?

Tran Climatisation

Contact & advice

You can ask for a quote for your commercial heat pumps and AC by phone or online. Our consultants will be happy to provide you with all the information you need for your installation project. We will then contact you to make an appointment for one of our advisors to visit your company.

Tran Climatisation

Evaluation & submission

During your appointment, one of our consultants will visit your company to make a more in-depth assessment of your commercial air conditioner and commercial heat pump needs. Then, we will produce a detailed quote for you, taking into consideration your expectations, your needs, your type of business, and your budget. Be assured that we will put all our expertise at your service to find the commercial air conditioning or heat pump solution that best suits you.

Tran Climatisation


After you have received your contract, we will make an appointment with you so that our technicians can come and install your new equipment. Our technical and engineering department specialized in commercial installation will take care of the preparation of your installation, taking into consideration the manufacturer's instructions and the regulations in place on the market. You can also be assured that we will leave our workplace spotless. Each of our technicians has all the necessary certifications and qualifications to perform a flawless installation to ensure optimal operation, increased efficiency, and longer lifespan for your equipment.

Tran Climatisation

After-sales service & satisfaction

One of our primary objectives is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new commercial air conditioners and heat pumps. Our advisors will make an after-sales follow-up to ensure that everything works as you wish. If you have any doubts, if something doesn't work the way you want, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer your request.

Types of projects and contracts

In order to better meet the needs of each of our customers, Tran Climatisation offers three types of projects/contracts
in the field of industrial and commercial heating, air conditioning, heat pump, air quality and refrigeration.

Fixed price

The first type of contract is a fixed price contract. This contract consists in fixing a global price for a set of
works planned in advance with Tran Climatisation. If you choose the fixed price contract, unless there is a clause to
that effect, we commit ourselves not to ask you for any increase or decrease in price during the work, even if changes
occur during the execution of the work.

Maximum budget price

This second type of contract means that when there is no plan or estimate, Tran Climatisation is under the obligation
to issue a maximum budget price to perform all the work. The contract can be adjusted to the conditions of the work

Contract by the hour or on material time

If you choose this type of contract, you will have to pay Tran Climatisation at an hourly rate fixed in advance, as
well as for the equipment that will have to be purchased for the work to be done. If necessary, at your request, Tran
Climatisation must report on the progress of the work and the expenses incurred.

Elements include in our contract

Regardless of the type of commercial contract that you will choose with Tran Climatisation, you are entitled to require
that each of the following elements is indicated in your contract.

  • A detailed list of the work to be done (labour and material), distinguishing between those eligible for a financial assistance program
  • The price of the work and the price of the equipment sold and taxes
  • The work schedule
  • The cost of permits and declaration of work, if applicable
  • The total price of the contract if the contract is a lump sum
  • The hourly rate if the contract is executed on time
  • The hourly rate if additional work is required
  • Related costs of an application for a connection, if applicable
  • The terms of payment and the installments to be paid.
  • The extent of guarantees provided by Tran Climatisation are included in the contract. The relevant documentation concerning the manufacturer’s warranty is provided to you.

Also, you may require to sign the sheets certifying the time and material provided, after each day of work with Tran
Climatisation. Once the work is done, you can ask Tran Climatisation to return the defective parts that have been
replaced. Finally, you have the right to verify that we have valid liability insurance and even require proof of
insurance coverage from us.

If you have any questions about the types of contracts offered to the commercial and industrial sector, about our
prices, or about our services, we invite you to contact us and we will be happy to give you all the information you
need in the best possible delays.